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100% Effective for Mice and Rat control

Harmless to dogs and cats


Mice & Rats Control

The electronic Rat and Mouse repellent « Stop Mouse Pro » is a professional device made available to individuals.

The ultrasonic device emits ultrasound frequencies that repel rats and mice: it acts on the nervous system of rodents, causing them to instantly flee.

Area covered: 1m2 to 140m2.

This Mouse and Rat repellent can be adjusted according to the level of infestation: Severe, Moderate or Preventive.


Electronic system against Mouse and Rat from the latest technology.

The wireless device comes with batteries, allowing you to protect the environment without having to have a power outlet nearby.

Effective from day one

WIRELESS (Power outlet also possible)

Certified Mice & Rat repellent

Customer service with Pest Specialist

  • Effective from day one
  • WIRELESS (Power outlet also possible)
  • Certified Mice & Rat repellent
  • Customer service with Pest Specialist
This ultrasonic rat and mouse repellent is particularly suitable for: interior and exterior, kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement. Excellent results in the case of rodents, mice or rats behind non-load bearing walls such as Plaster, Drywall, etc.


No installation required

The device can simply be placed on a table, the floor, against a wall, or behind a piece of furniture, for example.

Harmless to pets

The ultrasound produced by the device doesn’t fall on the sound spectrum for pets or humans

Eco-friendly and healthy

The device does away with the need to use chemical products and sprays which are often ineffective


Unlike traditional pest control devices, the device operates totally silently.


All our testimonials are true and verified.

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Where should the device be placed?
The device must be placed in areas where rats and/or mice are likely to circulate

As the device works with batteries, you can place it in nany area, even those without plug points.
Why should this device work better than others?
Unlike other devices sold on internet which claim to make rats and mice flee, the Stop Mouse PRO’s ultrasonic signal is specifically designed to fall on the sound spectrum for rodents.

This system makes it 100% effective. Also, owing to the way it works, the device doesn’t affect humans or pets.
How can you be sure that rats and mice don't get used to the device?
Rats and mice could get used to the sound signal generated by the device if it were constant.

The Stop Mouse PRO has a knob to change the frequency (to be done once a year)nOur customers have been using the Stop Mouse Pro for several years now with the same positive results.
Is your rat/mice repellent device guaranteed?
The device comes with a two-year warranty.

In the event of a problem or fault, we will replace the device with a new one.
I have a dog and two cats. How can I be sure that they won’t hear anything?
As indicated in Question 2, the frequency modulation is not the same as a Wi-Fi signal or radio waves.

The device has a frequency modulation specifically designed to fall on the sound spectrum of rats and mice.

Pets are unharmed if they come into contact with the device.
I also have issues with moles - does the device repel them too?
For the reasons indicated in Question 2, Stop Mouse Pro offers unfailing results for rat and mice control.

However, it does not have the same effect on moles.
How long do the batteries last?
The batteries in the device are standard LR14 alkaline 1.5V batteries that can be found in all stores for around 0.40 euros.

The batteries last for approximately a year.

The device comes with “branded” batteries (Duracell, Varta, Energizer etc.) already installed.

You can connect the device to the mains (electrical supply) if you have a plug point nearby.
I can’t find the answer to my question here. How can I contact you?
You can email questions to us at the following address: info@stop-mouse.co.uk

We will be pleased to help.

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Stop-Mouse PRO

In stock : FREE DELIVERY within 2-4 business days
£79.90 £59.90
Area covered: Up to 140m2

Size: 8cm x 6cm x 7cm.  Weight: 80 grams.

Battery life: 9 to 12 months. Standard alkaline 1.5V LR14 batteries (or mains connection) Delivered ready to use, with batteries already installed

Settings: Knob with three positions depending on whether the infestation is severe, moderate or for prevention, in addition to an economical mode (in this case the device only works at night when rats and mice are the most active) as well as a test button indicating when the device is on.

Two-year warranty. Replaced by a new device in the event of malfunction.